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Michael Lyons
Russ Hummel
Joe Castel
Jamie LaChoy
Donna Dumae
Jack Macgregor
Robert Buckner
Craig Hunter
Levi Vogan
Erik Swanson
Lala Too
Errineh Lawas
Ray Byars
Donnie Royse
Ginger Mulligan
Jungle George
Kelly Green
Lenny Broberg
Tommi Rose
Steven Betts
Shann Carr
Dani Blue
Ashley O’Day
Summer Eve
Reba McEnwhat
Bobby Drake
Norm Nevers
Alisha Day
Velveeta Mozzarella
Keth & Gladys Bumps
Kit Tapata
Tiffany Cartier St James
Richard Buksa



Steve Bayes
Alex Bartlett
Barry Dizon-Loya
Brian Herrera
Michael Anstadt
Jeff Wainscott
Tommi Rose
Rob Surreal
James Ramirez
James Stutheit
Randy Pierce
JD Buchert
Casey Pond
Fred Worsham
Bradley Roberts
Shann Carr
Steven Betts
Dani Blue
Reba McEnwhat
Summer Douche
Miss Bea Haven
Errineh Ann Lawas
Mia Pearl
Ashley O’Day
Regina Styles
Keith & Gladys Bumps

Major Sponsors

Nelly Queen The Life & Times of Jose Sarria Premiere Featured Film

Support for “Nelly Queen: The Life & Times of Jose Sarria”

We thank the following courts, businesses, organizations and individuals for supporting the film Nelly Queen: The Life & Times of Jose Sarria. This film was Mama Jose’s dying wish and we are proud to be a small part of the effort to raise funds for it.

Donor Wall from

Imperial Court Sponsors

Imperial Court of New York
Imperial Court of Washington, DC
Imperial Court of Los Angeles & Hollywood
Orange County Imperial Court
Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy of Silicon Valley
Imperial Court of Sacramento
Imperial Court de San Diego
Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, Denver, CO
Imperial Court of Kentucky
Imperial Court of the Alamo Empire, San Antonio, TX
Imperial Court of the Peace Arch, Surrey, BC
Imperial Court of Long Beach
Imperial Court of Spokane
Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco
Imperial Court of the Central Texas Empire – Waco
Waterfall Empire of Hamilton, Niagara & Tri Cities, ON

Individual Sponsors

PJ Sedillo & Tony Ross
Jim Mangia
Terry Sidie
Gene Brake & Greg Stripes
Bob Toane
Tree of New York
Jungle George
Salvador Evans-Tovar
Liz Loren & Drue
Misha Rockafeller
Rob Hunter de Woofs
Annette Foglino
Robert Castillo
Al Ballesteros
Opi N. Yated & Madison Mansfield
Eric & Anne Marie Rexroth
Michael “Byg Byrd” Anstadt
Gary Hackett
John Scott & John Frangello
Memoriam for Jessica St Jon
Memoriam for Milo Angel
Memoriam for Mike “Phoenix” Sanders
Memoriam for John Arvan & Mike Stinger

Organization / Business Sponsors

National LGBTQ Task Force
International Imperial Court Council
Jose Sarria Foundation
Emerald Kingdom, Palm Springs, CA
University of the Pacific
Wesley Health Clinics
Storm Family Foundation
Monkey Bee Boo Foundation
Just Fund Kentucky
West Hollywood WeHo Arts Program
St John’s Well Child & Family Center
San Francisco GLBT Historical Society
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
EXP Realty – Gene Brake


Ralph Hyman / Buster IX
Connie Emery-Walker
Bill Schramm
David Henderson
Andrew J. Ward
Graham Nelan
Andrew Michaels
William Figueroa
John Menchaca
Mikey LaChoy
Nathan Blasingame
Bryan Duke
Jesse Brown-Atkins
Suzanne Hale
Chuck Whyte
Will Devo Kane-Jaymes
Renee Baldocchi
Joseph Perales
Christopher McDavid
Gizella Czene
David Brightman
Francisco Duenas
Nicole C. (Nikki) Raeburn, Ph.D.
Mark Thomas Krone
Mark Alan Dashnaw
Elliot Montague
Susan D. James
Joe Sinness
Dafne Luna
Ernest Johnson
Mabel Valdiviezo
Clare Dobbs
Lyle Murphy
Trevor Reynolds
Ken Jones
Kevin M. Cox
Stewart Maddux
Jim Maddox
Will Pham
Joe Benten
Mark Wyrick
JP Leddy
Diana Burbano
Karla Alegria-Gimeno
Alex Vista
Kimberly M. Lowe
John Vlahides
Jerome Frazer
Will Beuschel
Holly Cashman
Jeff Jones
Jonathan Menendez Benavides
Sal Gapal
Rae Burnn
Pamela Peniston
Amita Swadhin
Rebecca Morales
Monica Espinosa
Megans Springate
Russell Roybal
Maria de Hoyos
Wallace Gorell
P Picazo
Ses Soltani
Joseph Loizzi
Sanjay Makhijani
Ruben Isahakyan
Sam Feder
Corey Roskin
Darrin Wilstead
Jeffrey Schwarz
Elliot Trenor
Daniel Nicoletta
Susan Jaycurlee
Michael Picny
Calvin Fleming
David Schaplowsky
David Brightman
Mark Wyrick
John Winters
BD Doran
Jason Jenn
Steve Walter
Eric Sanders
Alberto Mendoza
Max Campbell
Sean Baker
Gary Riotto
Brian Herrera
Lawrence M La Fountain
Russell Maynor
Wallace Gorell
Katie Gilmartin
Jaime Garcia Castilla
Andre Perez
Mark Wyrick
Jean Franco
Alex Kaufman

Give gay this holiday
Photo of Jose Sarria in her “sugar plum fairy” costume taken at the Dance Along Nutcracker Suite Ballet on Dec 17, 1995 in San Francisco.


How To: Blue Buckets

How can you get involved in your area?

1) Share the url for a list of 501c3 organizations that we know support our community.

2) Are you a 501c3 non profit org? Host a show/event in your city for your charity and let us know it’s part of the #bluebuckets4jose, so we can help publicize it for you. During the event take a moment to honor Jose, by mentioning her great works encourage people to learn more about her.

3) Are you an Imperial Court recognized as a member of the ICS? Collect donations for your favorite local charity in a blue bucket. Ringing a bell is optional. Feel free to dress festively and let people know who donate about not only the charity you selected, but also about who Jose was. Contact us for more information and suggestions.

Feel free to contact us at email for more information and to let us know about your events or “bell ringers” for Jose.